Building superior power systems.
Since 1994.
With 25+ years in the field, Voltec Appliances specialize in manufacturing & distributing electrical products.
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Voltec SVC Series
High Quality Static VAR Compensator Stabilizer

Voltec TND Series
Single Phase High Precision Fully Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

Voltec AVR Series
Automatic Relay Based AC Voltage Stabilizer

Voltec DBW/SBW Series
High Power Compensation AC Voltage Stabilizer

Power & PCB Relay
We specialize in voltage stabilizers and electric components for businesses.
Wirell PCB Relays
Electric Components & Raw Materials
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Commitment to Excellence
high quality

Quality is a fundamental principle at Voltec. Our mission encompasses providing our customers with access to products of superior quality.

superior customer service

We are dedicated to fostering enduring relationships with our clientele. To accomplish this, prioritizing the requirements of our customers is paramount.

cost effective

We are committed to continuous innovation in our product offerings to maintain affordability for our customers.

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