Our vision is to power critical infrastructure.

We believe in equal distribution of power. In Pakistan, power generation and voltage fluctuations are massive problems. We solve them through our voltage stabilizers and enabling critical parts like Relays for manufacturers.

Board of Directors
Riaz Ahmad

Mr. Riaz is the chairman at Voltec Appliances. He is an engineer by trade with over 35 years of experience of electronics manufacturing and trade experience.

Managing director
Raheel Ahmad

Raheel is a serial entrepreneur with tech businesses in China, US & Pakistan. He currently sits on the board of three tech companies and is a director at Voltec Appliances. He is a graduate of New York University with degrees in Business, Marketing & Data Science.

Head of Chinese operations
Daniel Cheng

Daniel Cheng is the Head of China at Wirell Electric. He previously led Sales & Business Development for top Chinese multinational companies for over 7 years.

We believe the world is moving towards sustainable energy and living. Our mission is to help accelerate the process and help people live better.

We believe innovation and new technologies are the only ways to grow.

Excellent quality

Quality should always be top-notch without any excuse.

customers at the center

Build each product that our customers love and adore!