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Voltec 3-Phase SJW Stabilizer for Elevators, Sensitive Equipment & Mains Line

The Voltec 3-Phase Stabilizer keeps sensitive equipment safe and stable, perfect for hospitals and industries. It adjusts quickly to power changes, ensuring your devices run smoothly without interruption.

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Product Specification

Voltec 3-Phase Stabilizer

Ideal for sensitive equipment, Industries, and Healthcare facilities. Efficient voltage fluctuations management. Works from very low voltage. Offers swift adjustments, over-load protection, high-low voltage cut with a wide voltage input range for reliable, long-term use.


  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Sensitive Medical Equipment
  • Solar Hybrid Invertor
  • Computers & Data Centers
  • Any electrical appliances which need constant voltage power supply

Principle & Characteristics

This product is constructed by connecting the three pieces of high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizers with the Y connection method. It has the advantages of wide input voltage range, high efficiency, with over and under-voltage, over-current protection function, high regulation accuracy, short adjusting time, same input and output voltage waveform, small volume and less weight.

Main Technical Parameter

  1. Input Voltage: 320V – 430V (3-Phase)
  2. Output Voltage: 220-240V ±4% (Single Phase)
  3. 380V±4% (3 Phase)
  4. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  5. Regulating Time: < 1S (when input voltage changes 10%)
  6. Max Rated Output Current: 1.5kVA 2A, 3 kVA 4A, 4.5 kVA 6A, 6 kVA 8A, 9 kVA 12A, 10kVA 15 kVA 20A, 20 kVA 28A, 30 kVA 40A, 45 kVA 60A
  7. Ambient Temp: -5⁰C`~+40⁰C
  8. Temperature-rise: < 60⁰C
  9. Relative Humidity: < less than 90%
  10. Waveform Distortion: No additional distortion
  11. Efficiency >90%
  12. Withstand VoltageIn comply with related industrial standard

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