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Voltec A-100 (R3) | For Air Conditioner

Secure your AC with the Automated Voltage Stabilizer: 10,000 watts, 99.99% pure copper core, offering unmatched protection. Includes warranty for peace of mind. The ultimate safeguard for your air conditioner.

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Automated Voltage Stabilizer For Air Conditioner


99.99% Pure Copper
10,000 Watts
Warranty Available

The safety net of your air conditioner.

In most parts of the country, electricity supply is largely unregulated thereby causing unexpected voltage fluctuations that could damage your Air Conditioner. A reliable voltage stabilizer from V-Guard helps your AC achieve an optimum voltage output, guarding it from all possible hazards.

Voltec Stabilizer

Enjoy consistent performance even when the AC’s input voltage variates.

Say no to start-up troubles when the AC’s input voltage fluctuates.

Safeguard the costly compressor of your AC with a stabilizer.

Keep your AC up and running for years to come.

High Quality
Quality to bet on.

We ensure to only produce high quality products that are on par with international standards.

Global delivery
We deliver globally.

We can easily deliver anywhere on the globe due to our strong partnership with shipping vendors.

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