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Wirell Relay - JQC-3F (T73) 12VDC - 5A/7A/10A

The Wirell PCB Relay by Voltec Appliances is a small, efficient switch, ideal for various tasks. It's lightweight, durable, and perfect for reliable switching in any project.

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Product Specification

Wirell PCB Relay: Compact and High-Performance


  1. Small Size: This PCB relay boasts an incredibly compact design.
  2. Low Power Consumption: This relay operates efficiently with minimal power usage.
  3. High Switching Capacity: This relay can handle high electrical loads.
  4. High Sensitivity: This relay is highly responsive to electrical signals.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Coil: Pure Copper (99%)
  2. Rated Load: It can switch various loads, including 7A at 250VAC, 5A at 30VDC, and 10A at 125VAC.
  3. Operating Power: Suitable for resistive loads, with an operating power of 1750VA or 120W.
  4. Contact Material: Utilizes durable silver alloy contacts
  5. Electrical Life: Has an impressive electrical life of up to 2x10^5 cycles at 1800 operations per hour.
  6. Mechanical Life: Can withstand mechanical wear with up to 2x10^6 cycles at 18000 operations per hour.
  7. Operate and Release Voltages: Operates at 110% of rated voltage and releases at 10% of rated voltage.
  8. Max. Allowed Voltage: Handles a maximum of 1000VDC.
  9. Insulation Resistance: Maintains excellent insulation resistance at 500VDC.

Performance Metrics:

  1. Operate Time: Rapidly switches with a maximum operation time of 10ms.
  2. Release Time: Quickly releases with a maximum time of 5ms.
  3. Dielectric Strength: Exhibits strong dielectric strength, withstanding 750VAC/1min between contacts.
  4. Leakage Current: Keeps leakage current below 1mA.
  5. Ambient Conditions: Operates reliably in temperatures from -25°C to +55°C, with humidity levels between 35% to 85% and an atmospheric pressure of 86-106kPa.
  6. Shock and Vibration Resistance: Resilient to shocks up to 10G (11ms) and vibrations between 10-50Hz with a 1.5mm dual amplitude.
  7. Installation: Easily integrated with PCB terminals.
  8. Weight: Lightweight at approximately 10-30g.

This Wirell PCB Relay is the perfect solution for applications that demand high performance in a compact form factor. It excels in various electrical and environmental conditions, making it a versatile choice for your projects.

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